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Reseña Destacada brandon overwatch confirmed review Revisión verificada
Silver IV
Silver I

Kind. Admitted when he made mistakes. Very sccomidating for my odd requests. Glad I had him or her as my booster

Elo Boosters Team

Thanks for great review! :)

Reseña Destacada NavoriSwiftblade overwatch confirmed review Revisión verificada
Platinum IV
Diamond IV

4/5 out of 5 because nobody is perfect haha :P All I gotta say about SeekerBoy is that he was very friendly, very fun , we made jokes on chat , we talked about our common role he told me a few tips. He will help you with everything you need. He lost a few matches that was kinda not on his hand unfortunately. As I played one match against him (because I randomly queued up from my smurf at same time) I saw that he has pretty good sense of laning. He can carry games out of Diamond for sure. I totally recommend him !! Now as a service I am pretty dissapointed...Anyone who logs in on another's account to take an order SHOULD NOT USE CHAT at all. My account was flagged already and one booster (Faded) somehow said a few spicy things that led my account to restriction. I am really dissapointed because 1 year of good work now is done because I will lose the rewards for 3rd year in a row. 80 days are not enough to get 2 whole levels of honor, specially when you work all day long. I am satisfied by SeekerBoy's work but really disatisfied by how I got served.

Elo Boosters Team

You bet and we prove ;)

Reseña Destacada jokim1989 overwatch confirmed review Revisión verificada
Silver II
Platinum IV

Good and fast. A bit serious, but he has done the job very good.

Elo Boosters Team

Thanks! Good Luck in games!

Reseña Destacada F3lix3s overwatch confirmed review Revisión verificada
Platinum II
Platinum I

did well but didn't use the chosen champions

Elo Boosters Team

Thanks, sorry about champions, sometimes you have to fit the team :(

Reseña Destacada eximaikane overwatch confirmed review Revisión verificada
10 games

Order was rated without description.

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