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Reseña Destacada brandon overwatch confirmed review Revisión verificada
Silver IV
Silver I

Kind. Admitted when he made mistakes. Very sccomidating for my odd requests. Glad I had him or her as my booster

Elo Boosters Team

Thanks for great review! :)

Reseña Destacada GleamFalcon overwatch confirmed review Revisión verificada
Silver III
Platinum III

Fast and friendly, great booster!

Elo Boosters Team

Appreciate your review mate!

Reseña Destacada VoltageGazer overwatch confirmed review Revisión verificada
Platinum II
Master IV

Fast and communicative Definitely recommend !

Elo Boosters Team

Thank you! Enjoy your account!

Reseña Destacada CletusSmokes overwatch confirmed review Revisión verificada
Diamond I
Master IV

Very fast booster, great communication Highly recommended

Elo Boosters Team

Awesome customer! Thanks for your order!

Reseña Destacada NavoriSwiftblade overwatch confirmed review Revisión verificada
Platinum IV
Diamond IV

4/5 out of 5 because nobody is perfect haha :P All I gotta say about SeekerBoy is that he was very friendly, very fun , we made jokes on chat , we talked about our common role he told me a few tips. He will help you with everything you need. He lost a few matches that was kinda not on his hand unfortunately. As I played one match against him (because I randomly queued up from my smurf at same time) I saw that he has pretty good sense of laning. He can carry games out of Diamond for sure. I totally recommend him !! Now as a service I am pretty dissapointed...Anyone who logs in on another's account to take an order SHOULD NOT USE CHAT at all. My account was flagged already and one booster (Faded) somehow said a few spicy things that led my account to restriction. I am really dissapointed because 1 year of good work now is done because I will lose the rewards for 3rd year in a row. 80 days are not enough to get 2 whole levels of honor, specially when you work all day long. I am satisfied by SeekerBoy's work but really disatisfied by how I got served.

Elo Boosters Team

You bet and we prove ;)

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