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WELCOME TO MY PROFILE! Hi everyone , I'm Kuxaii. I've been playing LoL since seson 4 , ive been stuck silver/gold until season 9 when i finally peaked diamond on my account. I am a really competitive person that always wanna push himself to the best I can play a lot of champions and a lot of roles and still be good with it. Ive done unranked to diamond and i reached d4 with a winrate of 70%. I have good knowledge and very good mechanics about the game. I'm available to boost from Iron to Platinum. , hope you'll enjoy *I'm available to boost in North America. If you are looking for a coach simply add me on discord : Kuxaii#1039 How can we practice : -1 live coaching Game -VOD review of one game -Spectate your game -Verbal Coaching What i will provide: (all you need to improve to get better at the game) 1 - Ingame analysis 2 - Build Paths and Masteries 3 - Lane Mechanics 4 - Proper Pathing 5 - Shot calling 6 - Mechanics Improvement 7 - Position Job/Role Results : 1 - Increased game knowledge 2 - Improved Mechanics 3 - Playing like a high elo player 4 - How to climb elo. P.S : I'm open to any question that you will have and i Coach any lane/champ! :)

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