Elo Boosters FAQ

All popular questions about our Elo Boosting Service.

overwatch boosting questions

What will happen after the purchase?

You will be instantly redirected back to our website, where the registration process on our service will quickly pass. After that, your order will get into our system where our professionals will be able to take your order and proceed to boost. In most cases, this process does not take more than 5 minutes.

overwatch boosting questions

Who will play on my account?

Your account will be boosted by a PRO player from top diamond league, as well as master and challenger leagues. We carefully check the accounts of candidates for a booster position before giving them the opportunity to boost on our service. We also monitor the behavior of our boosters and do not tolerate toxic behavior both with the customer and during the game. Any communication with the customer's friends is also prohibited without the customer's permission.

overwatch boosting questions

What about Refunds?

We make full refunds at the request of the client, if the order has not yet been started. If the order has already been started, then we make a partial refund according to the progress made.

overwatch boosting questions

Is there a risk of a ban?

We are not going to lie to you. There is a risk of a ban, but it is minimal. Around copuple of times a year there is a ban wave that lead to bans of several customers. The probability of a ban is about 1%, if not less.

overwatch boosting questions

How long will boost take?

It depends on how high the desired rank is, the number of divisions and the LP gain of your account. For boosts below Platinum 4 and LP gain of at least 16 HP, our standard is one division per day. Large boosts accelerate at the end, so the booster solidly increases the MMR of the account. Duo boosts take longer because they require two participants who are free to play.

overwatch boosting questions

Is it possible to make the booster play on the champions I choose?

Yes, it is possible, but it can lengthen the boost time, as it complicates the boost. At the moment, as part of the promotion, we provide this option for free.

overwatch boosting questions

How does your support work?

We are always ready to answer your questions and solve any problems through the Facebook messenger which is connected directly to the site. We also work in a classic way through an email form and intrasite chat.

overwatch boosting questions

What if I want to change the booster?

You can always pause the order and this will drop your booster from the order. When you unpause, the order will be back in our base and another booster, from the same league server as yours, will be able to take it to continue boosting.

overwatch boosting questions

On which servers is boosting available?

We work on American, European servers and Oceania servers. Full list of servers: NA, EUW, EUNE, OCE, TR, RU, LAN.

overwatch boosting questions

Can I somehow convey a message to my friends?

Yes, you can always send a message through your booster. He is informed about this and this is part of the service.

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