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Ausgewählte Bewertung Snopes overwatch confirmed review Verifizierte Bewertung
Diamond IV
Diamond II

Fast and professional

Elo Boosters Team

Thanks for kind words! Appreciate it!

Ausgewählte Bewertung NavoriSwiftblade overwatch confirmed review Verifizierte Bewertung
Platinum IV
Diamond IV

First time dropped my acc and order later . After a lot of boosters dropped my order until it hit plat 3 . Got my order dropped many times by many boosters and I really didnt like that , specially when a toplane players dropped it . He got my order for the second time and chose to finally go for it . Second time made it with a good winstreak . Marco did good , I was generally dissapointed by the general service . Also I will mention that last season he picked one order by me and dropped my acc from where the order started , thats why I put 3 stars . This time did better to be honest ... just with a little delay . Also I will mention this: Far too many order drops by many players and I dont understand why .

Elo Boosters Team

Hello! We are sorry that boosters dropped your order often. I believe there was a reason for it! Anyway thanks for your order, next time will be better for sure.

Ausgewählte Bewertung jokim1989 overwatch confirmed review Verifizierte Bewertung
Silver II
Platinum IV

Good and fast. A bit serious, but he has done the job very good.

Elo Boosters Team

Thanks! Good Luck in games!

Ausgewählte Bewertung Fr0st overwatch confirmed review Verifizierte Bewertung
3 games

Perfect, had some delay issues with my order but was able to communicate with me about it. Did everything on time.

Elo Boosters Team

Working for ya mate! Thank a lot!

Ausgewählte Bewertung al overwatch confirmed review Verifizierte Bewertung
Gold IV
Platinum IV


Elo Boosters Team

Many thanks for review!