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Featured Review NavoriSwiftblade overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Gold IV
Platinum IV

At first he was kinda serious , tbh i was scared he would be a silent dude , but when we played he was so friendly and gave usefull advice that helped me play the game better with him and go on big win strikes together. Every morning we disgused the games , we did analysis and we did fast wins. I totally recommend Agnoxid . 5/5 this guy know how to play jungle very well . Adapt his playstyle and I guarantee u will get ur desired division ASAP. Thanks for the games Agnoxid , it was a plessure playign with u.

Elo Boosters Team

Many thanks for hell of a review! :) Enjoy your account

Featured Review Floofish overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Platinum IV
Platinum II

This is my second time using this service! I decided to get the boost for my order and paid Abit extra to get it done faster, but it took around the same time it did the first time I came here. Wonderful scores and matches, the booster was very polite and flexible with scheduling. I do wish it was completed a little bit faster but, I completely understand, everyone has their own lives. Over all, quite satisfied with it. Would definitely go with them again!

Elo Boosters Team

No problem, thank for review. Next time we will try to do better.

Featured Review Agility overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Gold II
Platinum IV

Kingsmen, in my personal opinion, is the best booster I've had the pleasure of watching. I've purchased boosts across 10+ sites, and he is without a doubt one of the best, and friendliest in the business. After my first placement loss due to another booster, Kingsmen went 9-0. Additionally, he continued to boost up to plat 4 in two days, with upwards of an 85% winrate, while being the best player on the team in 90% of the games he won. Ask for Kingsmen.

Elo Boosters Team

Thanks ofr kind words! Hell of a review :)

Featured Review Navori overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Gold II
Platinum IV

Its fun cuz i gave the acc to a booster , and from g2 with plat mmr my first booster dropped it to Gold 3 to gold mmr . When I changed the booster , Agnoxid took the order . In just one day the account was back to normal. He is a bit easily tilting , but it's because nobody is following his good calls . This guy end games in 20 and less if possible. Thanks a lot . 5/5 I 100% recommend Agnoxid

Elo Boosters Team

Thank you mate! Will be btter next time without fails :)

Featured Review Jaworski overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Bronze II
Silver III

The booster Yuno was great! Exceeded my expectations. Every game was quick and focused on finishing the objectives. though I wish I could have talked to him via discord so he could give me some pointers or criticize my gameplay. the man wanted to listen to some tunes and I cant blame him, this service is for boosting not coaching lol. Had a good time duoing either way. 10/10 would boost again!

Elo Boosters Team

Cheers! Thanks for the kind words!