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Featured Review rickyricky0909 overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Gold IV
Gold III

several loss and actually i watched several replay there are plenty of trolling scene. At first, he requested to play mid carry and adc carry but eventually he found that he cant really carry the game and choose to play support. Although l didnt find he or she is playing as a booster, he or she did complete the task which l still appreciate!!!

Elo Boosters Team

We have checked your order. You are right, the booster didn't perform well. Many games were required to complete the boost of 2 divisions in gold. However, it should be noted that the gain lp per win was low. We will take a look at the booster to see if it meets our standards. Thanks for your feedback!

Featured Review john overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Platinum III
Diamond IV

Ziscc is very competent and a great player, but he makes stern demands and keeps mentioning tips, makes you feel pressured into tipping him. It is a bad feeling

Elo Boosters Team

Hello! I'm sorry about that, we will work on these aspects and it won't happen again. Thx for your feedback though!

Featured Review RKnifeFox overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Silver II
Gold IV

He knows how to do his job as elobooster, however, it's only recommended for those who are main jungle, since he gets tired quickly of the midlane.

Elo Boosters Team

Thanks for kind words!

Featured Review HEMOPLAUGE overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Diamond IV
Diamond II

The delievery time is kind of delay, But i like the last booster because he's communicating with me everytime

Elo Boosters Team

Hi! We are sorry to hear that there was a delay in the service delivery on your order. we will check what exactly caused the delay during the execution of your order.

Featured Review Chrisv28 overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Silver III
Silver I

Booster did a great job on the account, but it took them 3 days longer to complete a 1-day order.

Elo Boosters Team

Usually we manage to fulfill our orders on time. This situation is rare for us and we are sorry that the booster did not live up to your expectations. But also the duration of the boost may depend on the MMR account and LP gain.

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