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Featured Review lamoulaga overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Gold II
Platinum III

High wr, effecient work. But very little communication

Elo Boosters Team

Hello! We will work on communcation! Thanks for feedback!

Featured Review Existist overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Platinum III
Diamond IV

Overall he was a good player, but could be kinda toxic at times towards the other players in some of the games, does not bother me, just stating from a review stand point. He would also mention that he was doing "orders" during matches in team chat.

Elo Boosters Team

Hello! Thanks for your feedback, we will work out this way.

Featured Review Darknetic overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Bronze I
Gold III

kraven and stellar was outstanding boosters, they responded very quickly and were super nice and chill. It was amazing to spectate their games

Elo Boosters Team

Thanks for great review friend!

Featured Review hardstuckasf overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Gold IV
Gold I

Swift wins swift LP

Elo Boosters Team

true that ;)

Featured Review HEMOPLAUGE overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Diamond IV
Diamond II

The delievery time is kind of delay, But i like the last booster because he's communicating with me everytime

Elo Boosters Team

Hi! We are sorry to hear that there was a delay in the service delivery on your order. we will check what exactly caused the delay during the execution of your order.