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Featured Review DTPcloud overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Silver III
Gold III

They were great

Elo Boosters Team

Thanks, we were! :D

Featured Review swarlesbarkley overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Platinum IV
Platinum III

He was really nice I played support and he was the jungler and we were roaming incredibly well together. Gave me small pointers and even applauded my play. We completed an entire Plat Division in just one day. Would highly recommend "nobody" to everyone. His graves is NASTY.

Elo Boosters Team

Thanks so much for a feedback!

Featured Review gggg overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Gold I
Platinum IV

Doesn't matter if you have teammates, he won without them.

Elo Boosters Team

Heh, cool review, thanks!

Featured Review Zeman92 overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Bronze I
5 net wins

Thanks to Lebron and his patience, top service as always !

Elo Boosters Team

Thaaaaaanks <3

Featured Review Abstract overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Platinum III
Platinum II

played well, completed within a good amount of time, communicated well, played my champs requested. Only reason why I didn't give 5 stars is because they played some champs that I didn't request. So it would be like my first time lucian in ranked yet I went 16/5 so that's weird

Elo Boosters Team

We are sorry that booster picked a champ you didn't request. Цe will consider your order in detail.