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Featured Review Zongi overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Platinum II
Diamond IV

Was very nice to duo with. Would recommend!

Elo Boosters Team

nice to play with you as well :)

Featured Review swarlesbarkley overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Platinum III
Platinum I

Sharpeim was amazing 100% one the nicest guys I’ve ever talked to. Gave me tips on how to improve as well as explained different methods of ruins etc. I would 100% recommend him to anyone wishing to get better. Explained to me a lot about the game and matchups. Enjoyed talking with him and spectating his gameplay.

Elo Boosters Team

That's our goal to make customer satisfied!

Featured Review guoguozi66 overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Gold II
Gold I

very nice, will recommend

Elo Boosters Team

many thanks!

Featured Review rameneater1312 overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Diamond IV
Diamond II

Super quick. :)

Elo Boosters Team


Featured Review CPK1LW overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Silver IV
Silver III

I made a mistake when registering for a booster, but he was kind enough to still help me. I was hoping to get to s2 again but since the payment was incorrect. He was only able to help me get to s3. Good service and very helpful.

Elo Boosters Team

It's nice to hear that our service was helpful for you!

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