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Featured Review Agility overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Gold II
Platinum IV

Kingsmen, in my personal opinion, is the best booster I've had the pleasure of watching. I've purchased boosts across 10+ sites, and he is without a doubt one of the best, and friendliest in the business. After my first placement loss due to another booster, Kingsmen went 9-0. Additionally, he continued to boost up to plat 4 in two days, with upwards of an 85% winrate, while being the best player on the team in 90% of the games he won. Ask for Kingsmen.

Elo Boosters Team

Thanks ofr kind words! Hell of a review :)

Featured Review Agility overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
10 games

Extremely nice guy. I got an euw booster at first for some reason(whom dropped my order after losing 1 game), and Kingsmen (new booster after the euw guy) comes in and wins all 9 remaining game. Spectated the games. He is an absolute beast of a player. Can play anything to the highest level. Highly recommend.

Elo Boosters Team

Glad you liked everything, appreciate your review!

Featured Review Nick Pahk overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Silver IV
Platinum IV

Very fast and try hard. Insane cs skills. Thanks

Elo Boosters Team

Thanks friend!!

Featured Review Kaye overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Gold I
Platinum IV

best booster NA. God i love rumi!

Elo Boosters Team

(: ty for choosing us!

Featured Review gian overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Gold IV
Gold II

friendly and 1v9 booster. i'm really happy i had him as booster

Elo Boosters Team

Hi! Thank for review, you can choose him anytime you order :)

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